Military Sniper Ops Experiences

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APO's Military Sniper Ops adventures provide exciting, authentic & realistic hands-on experiences lead by select combat seasoned U.S. Army Snipers & Marine Corps Scout Sniper Instructors.

Military Sniper Weapons Experience
1 Day RifleSports Shooting Adventure

1 Day All Inclusive


Savor uniquely exciting, all-inclusive one to five day military sniper ops experiences, practice specialized fieldcraft and fire precision sniper rifles from .223 to .50cal at reactive and moving targets out to 1760 yards (1 mile) and beyond!

3 Day RifleSports Shooting Adventure
Marine Scout Sniper Experience

3 Days / 3 Nights All Inclusive


Kit-up using APO's sniper rifles, premium optics, match grade ammunition - the best equipment! Don your ghillie suit, check night vision & thermal devices & prepare for action.  APO provides everything!  Learn about long range shooting & military sniper operations, first-hand from military sniper professionals.

5 Day RifleSports Shooting Adventure
Special Operations Sniper Experience

5 Days / 5 Nights All Inclusive