In the evenings you will have the opportunity, if you desire, to socialize with some of the leading experts in the long-range precision shooting world as you enjoy your favorite beverage of choice in the rustic Rockin' R Ranch western-style lodge.  Or you may choose to spend the evening enjoying one of the many amenities of the lodge - from moon-lit stagecoach rides through the hills and rolling meadows to an evening fishing excursion.


You will spend one evening enjoying a delicious meal fireside, followed by the unique opportunity for a precision rifle night shoot.  You'll be using some of the world's premier night vision and thermal imaging equipment to make this experience truly one of a kind.

Escalante Mountains Utah Experience

All Inclusive and Simply Beyond Compare

This incomparable, all-inclusive long range shooting experience is held in the beautiful Escalante Mountains of Southern Utah.  Over the course of 3 days, guests will experience shooting some of the finest precision rifles in the world under the guiding tutelage of professional mountain shooting specialists, competitive long-range shooters, and elite US military sniper instructors.  This unique mountainous terrain provides guests the opportunity of shooting at high altitudes with steep angles, shooting targets out to beyond a mile!


All precision rifles, match ammunition, optics, ballistic computers, long range shooting accessories, meals, refreshments and accommodations are provided. Ground transportation to and from the Mountain Shooting Center, where each day's events will be held, is also provided.


In your hands will be placed some of the world’s finest, sound-suppressed, long-range, bolt-action precision rifle systems to include the versatile and highly regarded .300 Winchester Magnum, .338 Norma Magnum and .338 Lapua Magnum chamberings.


The most exciting rifle of your experience may very well be the ultra long-range .375 CheyTac Super Magnum and the incomparable and powerful .50 BMG.  This large .50 caliber round was designed for the Browning

Machine Gun and has the historical proven capability of hitting a target dead-center at 2,657 yards – that’s over a mile and a half!


Throughout your epic adventure, you will use only the world’s finest optics, laser range finders, night vision equipment and ballistics software.  That’s right! ”Night vision equipment” means you’ll spend one of your evenings hitting your targets in the dark, hundreds of yards away!

Only Premium, Precision Equipment
Experience Not Required!

Never used an optically sighted precison rifle?  A Leupold Rifle Scope?  New to the world of laser range finders? Not even perhaps familiar with long range rifle shooting in general? Not a problem! Our professional staff of competitive shooters, military instructors and shooting experts have the demonstrated ability of coaching seasoned shooters in improving their skills as well as ensuring that even the most novice shooter hits targets at long ranges and maybe, just maybe, even at a mile!

Personal Achievement

During the time you spend with us, you will not only find each day packed with breath-taking vistas and opportunities to make unique, long-distance shots down into the valleys below and up into cliffs above, you’ll also have unequaled coaching and instruction empowering your own personal best rifle marksmanship achievements.  Perhaps you can even take home the coveted Escalante Mile Club shooting plaque for hitting your mile distant targets!

  • Fundamentals of precision rifle marksmanship

  • Proper set-up of rifles for long range shooting

  • Optics 101

  • Ammunition selection

  • Rifle ballistics

  • Environmental & weather data collection

  • Mountain shooting techniques

  • Ballistic software & range card

  • Determining "corrected" distance to targets

  • Effects of weather on bullets in flight

  • Alternative shooting positions

  • Successfully engaging high altitude, steep angle targets at long ranges

  • Night shoot with clip-on night vision & thermal weapon sights

  • Top Gun Competition including custom HK & Glock pistols

Your Experience Will Include
Travel to Your Experience

Guests arriving by commercial aircraft may choose to fly into either Salt Lake City or Las Vegas – each about a 4 hour drive from the Rockin' R Ranch in Antimony. 


If arriving by private aircraft, regional airports may be preferable. Page Municipal Airport is 3 ½ hours from Antimony; Cedar City Regional Airport is 1 ½ hours; Bryce Canyon National Park Airport a short 45 minutes.


Should you desire, our Concierge Services stand at the ready to assist you with all your air and ground travel arrangements.

Guests are accommodated for 3 days and 4 nights at the old western Rockin' R Ranch in Antimony, Utah.  You'll enjoy delicious meals served in the 1800’s styled lodge dining room.  Menus include many traditional American old home favorites reminiscent of this mountainous ranch locale. Hearty lunches and refreshments will be provided "in the field" during your daily activites at the Mountain Shooting Center.  


During the evening of your night shoot experience, you'll enjoy a wonderful meal prepared fireside before beginning your night-time activities.

The Mountain Shooting Center is 45 minutes travel time from the Rockin' R Ranch.  Transportation to and from your accommodations each day will be provided.  Transportation while "in the field" will also be provided to maximize your time "behind the gun", minimize walking and hiking distances, and facilitate the movement of support equipment.

Accommodations During Your Experience
Travel While at Your Experience
Extend Your Stay

Choose to add a day or more to your experience and further enjoy the amenities of the lodge to include horseback riding, mountain climbing and rappelling or tour the nearby, breath-taking Bryce Canyon National Park. Our Concierge Services are standing by to tailor your complete package.

Relaxing Evenings


Jul 27 - Jul 30



Jul 26 - Jul 29

Plan Your Experience
Pricing Detail

All Inclusive Package*

$7850 per person


Complete Custom Packages

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*Excludes transportation to APO Experience location


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